Welcome to the world, Jake!

ShootAnyAngle Photography, shootanyangle.comWe were so honored to meet little Jake.  We photographed his mother and father’s wedding back in 2016, and we were over the moon to hear that they were expecting!

ShootAnyAngle Photography, shootanyangle.comShootAnyAngle Photography, shootanyangle.comjake.kolb.3Since mom and dad love camping and go on an annual camping trip every year, we set up a little camping scene to get Jake all set for this summer’s trip.  I even handmade a little sleeping bag!  Since little Jake has the CUTEST onesie ever (it says “The Dark Side” on the butt), we also did a few Star Wars shots with his mom and dad’s lightsaber chopsticks.  Finally, we also made sure to photograph Jake in a boot that every child for several generations has been photographed in when they were born!

ShootAnyAngle Photography, shootanyangle.comShootAnyAngle Photography, shootanyangle.com

Welcome to the world, Jake!


Photography & Sleeping Bag:  ShootAnyAngle Photography



Behind the Lens, 2017

ShootAnyAngle Photography, ShootAnyAngle.com
James shooting at Sarah and Devon’s gorgeous wedding.

We’ve had a wonderful 2017, and we are so excited for the next year.  To celebrate, we thought we’d show you a peek behind the lens!

ShootAnyAngle Photography, ShootAnyAngle.com
Angela helping bride Keilani with her veil.
ShootAnyAngle Photography, ShootAnyAngle.com
We’re all smiles! This was a record hot day though – 114 degrees!
ShootAnyAngle Photography, ShootAnyAngle.com
Hiking through tall grass out in the hills is a normal day! Here, James photographs Lichy and Ken. In the next shot, Angela shoots under the veil to capture a special kiss at Melanie and Adam’s wedding.
ShootAnyAngle Photography, ShootAnyAngle.com
A photoshoot with Harleys? Yes please! This was such a fun shoot with April and Gabriel to celebrate their one year anniversary.
ShootAnyAngle Photography, ShootAnyAngle.com
April and Gabriel suggested we take a turn in front of the camera – and on their Harleys!
ShootAnyAngle Photography, ShootAnyAngle.com
A goofy moment at Caitlin and Tim’s wedding.
ShootAnyAngle Photography, ShootAnyAngle.com
An amazing film noir photoshoot for Ariel and David’s engagement at Fort Point in San Francisco.
ShootAnyAngle Photography, ShootAnyAngle.com
Alums Bri and Angela particularly loved this venue! Here we are shooting at Santa Clara University for Bri and Neil’s maternity shoot.
ShootAnyAngle Photography, ShootAnyAngle.com
Best little model ever!

See you all next year!!!



Bri and Neil’s University Maternity Shoot

ShootAnyAngle PhotographyWe are simply over the moon about Bri and Neil’s baby-on-the-way.  We are so happy to see her baby bump and the joy on their faces!  They are going to make wonderful parents, and we are truly honored to be the ones to capture this special time.

ShootAnyAngle Photography ShootAnyAngle PhotographyShootAnyAngle PhotographyShootAnyAngle Photography

Bri is a graduate of Santa Clara University (as is Angela of ShootAnyAngle Photography), so SCU seemed the perfect spot for the maternity shoot.  It turns out that Neil almost went to the same university too!  These two were meant to meet, and luckily, they did soon after.  The rest is history!


That is one lucky little boy!  We can’t wait to meet you!


Photography:  ShootAnyAngle Photography

Venue:  Santa Clara University