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Wedding Fails

Leave a comment I was planning our wedding, I had one stress-reliever I could always to – I read articles and watched YouTube videos about wedding day fails.  I admit, this is an odd stress-reliever.  Here I am working my butt off to make sure that everything goes perfectly, and yet I’m watching videos of weddings gone horribly wrong.  Still, in some weird way, it calmed me down.  It made me laugh even when I was cringing, and it also made me happy to know that these disasters couldn’t happen to me.  After all, I wasn’t getting married on the edge of a pool.  And we didn’t have a tent with a center support poll and none of our guests were amateur poll dancers.  And we definitely were not going to have a horse-drawn carriage.  And our wedding cake wasn’t multi-tiered.  See what I mean?  Though cringe-worthy, these videos are also hilarious – of course, it’s much more likely to be funny when it isn’t happening to you!

Here are some real wedding “fails” from our readers.  Luckily, even though these events weren’t the best thing to have happen, they also weren’t all that bad in hindsight.  The motto of the story?  Even if everything doesn’t go absolutely prefect according to plan, the wedding will still be great!  After all, none of these things will stop you from marrying the love of your life!

“I was at a wedding where they had shrimp as an appetizer.  I was running around a lot, so shrimp was an easy thing to eat on the go.  Well, I didn’t think about the fact that it had been out all day.  It gave us all food poisoning!”

As someone who has had food poisoning before, I feel for this guest.  It’s a good lesson for all brides though: Be aware of how long your food can stay out and how long it has stayed out.

“My maid of honor didn’t get off work until super late the night before [my destination wedding] and then she needed step by step directions to get to town.  I was up all night the night before my wedding to get her there.”

This poor bride got no sleep before her big day, which is exactly when she needed it the most.  Bridesmaids, make sure to let your brides get some much needed rest during crucial times.  There’s always someone else to contact.

“Our wedding planner said that the weekend before us, a bridesmaid fainted just before the ceremony. Gotta keep hydrated in the tropical locations!”

Yes, you do!  Even if you aren’t in a tropical location, make sure to stay hydrated.  We don’t think about it much, but dehydration is the quickest way to have people drop like flies!

“My sister was getting married in her yard in Alamo. The chairs were setup in a row on the grass, the caterers had come in and set up a cocktail table for before the ceremony, along with the beautiful wedding cake table. It was a beautiful sunny, warm day under the umbrella a huge oak trees. As my sister and her husband were exchanging vows, I looked over at the cake table, seeing something in the corner of my eye, and found it was ‘Buddy,’ their black cat, licking the frosting off the wedding cake……. it was hysterical!!”

Even cats like cake!  If you are having a wedding close to animals, make sure they are put away in a back room with a water and food bowl.  Or at least keep the food out of range in the case of a dog.

“My mother-in-law called her friends and, knowing very well we hadn’t been able to invite them, told them all they were invited.  Then she called us, told us exactly what she did, and said ‘Now if you don’t want them there, YOU have to tell them!'”

Cringe!  This one particularly is like nails on a chalkboard.  Parents, this is your child’s big day.  Sure, you can ask that certain people are invited, but the final decision is up to the bride and groom.  Please don’t become an example of a “dreaded in-law!”

“When one of my husband’s cousins got married, a different cousin got so hammered that she tore a cabinet door off in the bathroom.”

Haha!  This would have been pretty funny to witness, but it also probably fell to the bride and groom to pay for.  As a guest, you are certainly welcome to have fun – but in moderation.  And if you ever cause damage to any property, you should pay for it.

“Our bathrooms broke down at our reception hall.”

Yikes!  Luckily, in this case, there were other bathrooms on the property that were accessible, albeit a bit of a walk away.  Though I never would have thought of it for my own wedding, it’s probably not a bad idea to ask your vendor where the second closest bathrooms are in case the closest ones become unusable.

“At one wedding, a bridesmaid got really drunk and tried to do a table dance.  All she succeeded in doing was shattering champagne glasses.”

Many times, the biggest setbacks come from drunk guests, so being able to control the alcohol intake (one glass per person or asking the bartender to cut people off) is a good idea.  And again, if you were the drunk guest, you’re paying the bride and groom back for those glasses that they inevitably got a bill for.

“The food came in catering tin containers and were supposed to be in stainless steel platters with lids and burners underneath to keep them warm.”

A warm dinner is definitely ideal, so it’s a shame that the caterers messed this up.  Though there is not much you can do at the venue if this situation arises, do ask your caterer for a portion of your money back or a coupon for future services to make up for their mishap.

‘[When sending out my invites] I had terrible luck with the mail.  Three invites and two RSVP cards were sent back ripped.  Then, a contract…”

We luckily only had this happen to one of our invites, but I still cringe to think of this poor bride’s position.  What are they doing at that post office?  Are rabid dogs working there?  In this case, the bride did talk to the post office with no luck, but that is a good first step.  Another option is using a different location.  And don’t worry, guests understand it was the post office, not you.

“[I was at a wedding where] when toasts were being given, some guy drunkenly got the mic and slurred something about a goat, and ‘Let’s give it up for Dave!’  To this day, none of us know who ‘Dave’ is.”

I love this one.  The lesson here is keep the mic guarded.  Ask the DJ to stay with it, or have groomsmen keep an eye on it.  Otherwise, it becomes a loud speaker for someone who has had too much to drink.

Have any other wedding fails, big or small?  Let us know, and we’ll add them here!

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