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How to Transform Your Old Bridesmaid Dresses!


“And the best part is you could just shorten it, and wear it again.” Whether it was in the movie 27 Dresses or a bride has said these words to you, we’ve all heard this line. Maybe we’ve even believed it. But, did we actually shorten it and wear it again? Most likely not.

I don’t know about you, but when I was a bridesmaid, I spent $280 on the dress. Back in 2012, that was the most expensive dress I had ever bought, and I could only wear it once! Until now, it has sat in the closet everyday since.

So, what can you do with the dress (without throwing all that money down the toilet)? Well, you could donate it or you could trash it, but neither of those options make the money you shelled out for it really worth it. Instead, why not alter the dress to fit your style?

I loved the top of this dress, but I knew I was not going to wear a floor-length number like this again. Even shortening it wasn’t enough for me – it would just look like a short bridesmaid dress! So, I decided my alteration would keep the top as-is while altering the bottom. I knew I wanted it to be a short dress – with a satin strapless top, a floor-length would look too fancy no matter what fabric I chose. To really keep the look as anti-bridesmaid as possible, I looked for a geometric pattern, and I found this blue and white chevron, which I loved.

To alter the dress, I first cut it short. The blue and white fabric needed lining, so I used the actual dress underneath to serve that purpose. Then, I cut out the blue and white fabric into a wider A-line, and sewed the sides together. Next, I carefully pinned the top fabric into place under the waistband of the original dress and along the zipper down the back. Once that was done, I simply sewed it into place! It only took around 2 hours for my un-useable bridesmaid dress to become something I’d actually WANT to wear!  It’s great as a party dress, and you can even add a little sweater to make it more casual.  A MUCH better alternative to keeping your old bridesmaid dress in the closet (or worse, in the trash)!

Photos by ShootAnyAngle Wedding Photography.

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  1. Nice! I want to see more!

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